Gardens in Harmony Herb Garden Designs


Herbal Designs and Planting Plans for Medicinal Gardens, Historical Gardens, Physic & Apothecary Gardens.

Herb Garden Designs for Kitchen Gardens to create culinary and aromatic herb recipes.

Personal healthy eating nutrition designed for you

All designs are wildlife friendly and actively encourage nature to work hand in hand with organic companion planting, without the use of pesticides.

The Apothecary Garden has been designed for Luton Hoo Walled Garden with plants to treat different parts of the body.

Medieval Physic Garden Design completed for Dunstable Priory Gardens. Planted for 800 year Celebrations!
For Tours & Talk on the Physic Garden contact: Deborah for more information 07761-738799
Facebook: Gardensinharmony for weekly updates


Contact: Deborah Anne Bird

Mobile: 07761 738799

Email: | Gardens in Harmony | Bedfordshire
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